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With over 20 years of professional design experience and more than 10 years of independent operation, Evokative Solutions is uniquely positioned to assist you in a wide variety of creative graphic design needs.



Everything from business cards & brochures to conference programs and full-fledged publications.


Customized web sites based on the WordPress platform, web graphics and social media promotion.


The almighty logo, its application and the process of bringing your company vision to life.


Great ideas, insight, collaboration and support into how to make your next campaign a success.
Our Favourites

The Work

Here are some examples of client projects covering the last few years.

Banners for Imagine Headwaters Campaign

Dufflet Cookies Packaging

Total Mechanical @ BayFest

IUHPE Concept Development

ISCT 2019 Conference

ASFA SOP Textbook

CANO-ACIO Chapter Banners

IPA 2019 Sponsor Invitation

Aesthetics by Kirsten Small Branding

CTTC Refresh & YM Site

ISBER 2020 Conference Brand

Malachite Banner Promotion

The advantage of a great design partnership is that it saves time and makes your life easier.

Vendor Sourcing

We have the experience you need in sourcing the right printer or vendor for your project.

Brand Packages

Whether you have the logo already, or you need one, we make it into a cohesive brand package.

Project Assistance

Maintaining contact with printers and developers and managing timelines is part of our process.


We provide detailed documentation with every site so updating is simple and direct.

Timely Service

We understand that turnaround is often 'yesterday' - we're here for you when you need us!


Lost something? We keep client archives for all projects, and can help you retrieve it.

Just a few of the great people we work for.

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